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Raver Saver

raver saver

Start saving for your next trip with a Raver Saver

Do you love the thought of going to a festival abroad, but you’re worried about how you’ll pay for it? Especially when there’s normally a mad rush for tickets and you’ve got to have the funds ready to go. 

That’s where a Raver Saver comes in. You can start paying a monthly instalment that cashes as store credit with Rave Tours, to be used against an event of your choice when the tickets go on release. This could be the difference between you heading to a festival, upgrading to VIP or jet-setting every month over summer if you wanted to! 

Start your monthly payment today for as little or as long as you want and once you are paid up you will receive a  discount code to use at our checkout.

You can pause or cancel your Raver Saver subscription at any time and the credits will never expire. 

All credits need to be redeemed within the Rave Tours website. 

Raver Saver Terms and Conditions:

Raver Saver is not a bank nor a savings account.

Once your pay into Raver Saver you will only be able to redeem your credit against packages or camping equipment on the Ravetours.com website.

No refunds are available on this scheme.


Raver Saver – Bronze
Start saving for just £50 per month and within a few short months you could have saved your way to a festival tour package.
Raver Saver – Silver
Start saving £100 per month to help spread the cost of your tour packages.
Raver Saver – Gold
Save £150 per month to split the payments quickly for an upcoming event!


Raver Saver is a means of paying in advance of tickets going on sale. This allows you to put the money forward and then receive a discount code when tour packages become available.

Payments are taken monthly on the day you sign up, you can select how long the Raver Saver runs for.

Once your Raver Saver is finished you will receive a code to use on the Rave Tours website. This can be used for any of our Tours.

In some cases there will be an outstanding amount to pay on your Tour packages, simply enter your discount code and pay the remaining balance at the checkout.

If you have more credit left on your discount code that will stay on your account to be used in the future.

Sadly there are no refunds on this scheme, the only way to redeem what you have paid is to use it on the Rave Tours website.

All payments are made into our savings account through the Rave Tours website. Once tickets become available we will make the payment on your behalf.


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